Artist Interview :: Karl Dempwolf - 7/28/2022

Plein Air Workshop / Oct 11- Oct 13, 2019 - 7/25/2019

The new DVD is Ready!
- 3/1/2019

One of the Great California Masters?
- 1/4/2019

2018 calendar
- 1/3/2019

What a surprise to see a calendar in my mailbox. Thank you Karl.

Changing the year allowed me to look more closely at the work in the 2018 one. I'm having trouble finding the right, unpretentious words, for what I see. Your work is really an extraordinary blend of color, shape and texture. There's so many people painting the same subject matter with the same boring, unoriginal and overwrought approach so next to nothing stands out. Yet, you're painting right alongside them, figuratively speaking, but for some reason your work is utterly world class.

Karl, you've taken a unique tack with impressionism and made it your own, while, at the same time, managing to turn out paintings that are uncannily familiar and undoubtedly Classic.

Finally, is there anything from the 2018 calendar that's still for sale?

Thanks so much
Matt C. Khachadoorian

Workshop Notes from Karl Dempwolf
- 7/18/2018

It is hard to explain the struggles I've had
- 4/13/2016

Blog April 13th 2016

One of my entries to the 105th Gold Medal Exhibitions at the Autry Museum in Los Angeles, CA,  in April of 2016 and the struggles that seemed to never end, might make interesting reading for those that struggle to create. I thought for those who think that struggles only present themselves to beginning artists, and not to seasoned veterans, read on.

It all started with a car trip to Glenwood Springs CO last year where some wonderful vistas presented themselves, which I  sketched, and then photographed for my records. Eventually I decided to make a larger version of the sketch, and much later I decided to enter it into the Gold Medal Exhibition  after months of struggle. 

Mt. Sopris near Glenwood Springs CO 

In the distance is Mt. Sopris near Glenwood Springs CO. This then was the start of months of trying to create something I would feel was my best work.

My dilemma
- 2/25/2016

Art Blog notes, my dilemma . Feb 24th 2016

I have a dilemma which needs resolving. My brother and I have been making frames together for years, they are part of my art part of my oeuvre, they define me and my work. I need frames of course and since my brother JD can no longer help me with this important part of my art life I am forced to do something, possibly buy them from suppliers or order them from master carvers.

Another alternative is that I take the time and make them all by myself, a time consuming, labor intensive job that will take me away from creating my paintings. Stay tuned to learn what I intend to do, and how I have decided to proceed to solve this problem. Karl Dempwolf