This is Jane, still teaching and painting in Tennessee. I was so happy to watch a short video on your achievement award. That was a great presentation,

Congratulations, Karl!!! I just wanted you to know that my first experience of plein air painting in your workshop on the beautiful October days we painted on the beach, park, and farm, which altered my view of art, nature, and life forever.

I love your color always!


I enjoyed meeting and chatting with you as you worked on your nocturne painting at the Lavender farm last Tuesday. Thought you'd like these attached, silhouette lit photos of you working in the dark.

Just want to let you know, I was inspired by your enthusiasm and hearing of your background painting as a later career, thoughts about painting small studies, importance of impactful shapes and your openness to talk about your struggle to achieve a successful painting. (You elaborate more on this in your interview with Eric Rhoades)

Without you knowing it, you gave me affirmation I needed. I am painting after careers teaching high school and practicing law, painting small (6x8 & 8x10) plein air studies and perseverating beyond what I think I should be doing. Thanks to you, I'll accept that "struggle" as a productive process.

I have a new appreciation of your work after our discussion and seeing your work in person. You achieve delicate/elusive balances between adding texture and facets to bold shapes without losing their impact; employing full range of values & colors while maintaining harmony; adding interesting complexity but not looking cluttered. A rare achievement.

I'm one among many who have been blessed by your open and generous heart. I will surely cherish and learn from your book. Just to add another thought, your art stands out from the crowd, enriching today's plein air art world.

Thanks, Karl for your openness and expressing your creative thinking & feelings.

And, congratulations on your much deserved Lifetime Achievement Award.

Mel Peters

I'm really enjoying your book, including your personal note to me and signature, your comments about your paintings, Jean Stern's colorful description of you and your art, Plein Air Magazine's article, and the State Dept's letter of appreciation for your donation. I know much work went into producing such an outstanding book.

As someone who knows well the joy of painting outdoors and the struggle to fine tune it in the studio, I find most artists statements boring and of little value other than maybe for their branding and marketing. Your realistic honesty is refreshing and affirmative for fellow artists and, no doubt, your collectors and admirers of your work.

You encourage me to experience the joy of plein air painting, without needing to knock it out of the park and accept struggle in the studio as a normal part of the creative process. I like your note about destroying a painting that didn't please you. I'm glad you included this painting & comment in your book. I've also worked and reworked paintings and just couldn't revive them. Now, I will be able to laugh about it and move on.

Jean aptly points out how your art keeps alive and even goes beyond our state's early expressionists. I enjoy your confident, bold brush work, (which belie your struggles). They add excitement and movement. That's something I need to work on. Not easy to do. I will study your book as a source of inspiration and something to strive toward. I will have fun sharing it with family, friends and fellow painters.

I can't adequately express how much I appreciate meeting you and receiving your generous gift.